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If you run a manufacturing industry, then you probably understand that for a product to be of world-class quality, you need to outsource a team that dedicates their passion to their craft.

The skillful and well-experienced workers who are familiar with the industry and ready to work hard to bring success to your business are sometimes hard to find. You or your HR team is bound to spend long hours getting future talent. From backtracking piles of resumes, screening your online applicants up to handling interviews; but still you end up not having the best candidates that best fit in the job.

What if we told you that there is an easy way to save yourself from all the stress? Most importantly, you will have the best people on your team. And this is because of the staffing agency.

However, the internet provides numerous staffing agencies on the market, and selecting a reliable manufacturing staffing agency might be a tough nut to crack. And this is where Kansas City Staffing Company comes in.

Kansas City Staffing Company Specialize in Manufacturing Staffing

Our team specializes in providing the best-qualified candidates to fill all the gaps either for part-time or full-time positions. We provide all your manufacturing staffing needs both for small to big enterprises.

Our company has been in the staffing industry for more than 20 years. Being considered as pioneers, our team deeply understands the complex manufacturing process from start to finish. We at Kansas City Staffing Company are ready to face all the challenges and difficulties that the organizations might encounter to uphold our standards in the staffing business

We aim to continuously produce the best-qualified operations talent that can help different organizations in achieving their corporate goals. Our in-depth industry background and extensive knowledge in the field enable us to match your company with the best-qualified talents in the market ranging from professional staff, maintenance supervisors to chief operations leaders and every position in-between.

Having a good reputation in the business world and the industry, we take pride in being the leading choice in providing reliable and efficient staffing in Kansas City, Missouri, Olathe, Missouri, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and Overland Park, Missouri.

Manufacturing Jobs We Provide

If you live around Kansas City, Missouri, our neighboring cities that are included in our servicing area and you are looking for a manufacturing position, our expert team and professional staff would be delighted to help you.

A few of the positions we provide in Kansas City, Missouri manufacturing company’s staff are listed below. This will allow you to choose the one that best matches your specific manufacturing needs:

  • Machine operator
  • Machinist
  • Packaging associate
  • Packaging operator
  • Production assistant
  • Production worker
  • Quality control
  • Assembly line technician
  • Equipment operator
  • General laborer
  • Plant engineer
  • Plant manager
  • Production assembler
  • Purchasers & Buyers
  • Manufacturing Engineers

Why Do We Do it Better?

Kansas City Staffing Company provides a reliable staffing service for a widespread of manufacturing roles and positions.

In any business, we deeply understand that you don’t want to take any chances or compromise the quality of your product and service. A single mistake in hiring might have a negative impact on your operations. At Kansas City Staffing Company, we ensure that our applicants are meticulously screened, and do extensive background checks to provide you with the best candidate.

Our Proven Process

Having more than 20 years in the industry, our team strives to continuously refine our standard operating procedures (SOP) and best practices to ensure that we are adequate and capable on how to establish your onsite staffing program efficiently. Our passionate team keeps on learning the specifics of your operation so that we can easily adapt to the shifts in demand.

Dedicated and Passionate Support Team

We have our dedicated onsite team that works full-time at your facility to easily attend your contingent workforce while we continuously provide efficiency in your business.

Thousands of Workers for Manufacturers

We have the resources and immediate access to hundreds of thousands of qualified workers with broad skill sets and well-experienced to fill the gaps in your workforce quickly and efficiently.

Thorough Screening

Our team of professionals is extremely good at what they do- recruiting. They are adept with cutting-edge industry knowledge and geared with the latest technology to effectively screen a potential candidate. Our recruiters can easily qualify and evaluate all our applicants, whether they are fit for general laborers, advanced manufacturing, specialists, equipment operator, manufacturing engineers, and more.


Kansas City Staffing Company has successfully helped our manufacturing partners and clients in providing the best qualified, dedicated, and reliable staff for over 20 years. Due to our partnerships, we deeply understand your unique requirements and demands. That is why we only select potential applicants who are not just only qualified to do the work, but also who is the best fit for your company’s culture and can contribute to its success.

Helping Kansas City, Missouri Manufacturing Industries Thrive

Having the right employees for the right positions and roles is crucial for every manufacturing company. Every employee is essential to build, package, operate, as well as ship world-class products promptly. That is why our goal at Kansas City Staffing Company is to find those qualified employees for you that will enable your entire business to achieve all its goals.

If you’re a local business, our team will take care of everything from finding, sourcing, and screening skilled applicants for you.

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The talent marketplace is competitive both in global and local in range. Also, manufacturing staffing has never been more imperative in achieving your overall business goals. That is why; we at Kansas City Staffing Company look forward to earning a spot among your trusted and reliable recruiting partners.

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