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    Onboarding new employees are extremely expensive and time-consuming, and these costs will drastically increase if you continuously hire people who do not fit perfectly for the role. On the contrary, you can increase the possibility of getting the ideal talent who’s suitable for the position and to your growing organization. How? By choosing a reliable staffing agency that specializes in outsourcing talent coming from the widespread industry.

    If you’re looking for a reliable staffing company in Kansas City, Missouri, our team at Kansas City Staffing Company is always ready and available to help you. We are a premier Kansas City staffing agency serving a wide spectrum of the industry including IT, engineering, manufacturing, accounting and finance, sales, operation, media, corporate, legal, and non-profit.

    For more than 20 years in the staffing business, we became the leading go-to resource for clients in Kansas, City Missouri, and other neighboring cities who are looking for an essential point of difference in today’s very tight-competition environment in the corporate world. We strongly uphold a relationship-centered philosophy, and we partner with the ideal talent and clients to not just only do what is expected but to deliver a truly outstanding long-term value.

    Kansas City Staffing Company Specialties

    Our expert recruiters specialize in finding the right talent including:

    Building and Construction

    The Building and construction industry demands highly skilled and expert managers and well-seasoned professionals in any role to precisely develop, build and construct, or manage any property or civil works. We have direct contact with the general contractors, property management companies owners/developers, construction sub-trades, and real estate investment firms to make sure that the job is well-done within the cost and promptly.

    Information Technology

    We know how essential it is to protect every data stored in your server. Our professional team only gets the best-qualified talent for Information Technology for your organization to help you preserve the most important details from hackers and malicious software.


    At Kansas City Staffing Company, we closely work with various law firms and in-house legal departments, placing certified and licensed candidates into the right positions at all range of levels and in every specialization of law. From entry-level administrators to senior partners, we got you!


    The Operations division requires different kinds of roles ranging from entry-level warehouse, skilled operators, industrial skilled trades, and other technical management positions. Our team is experts in sifting highly qualified candidates and evaluating them for the right role. Kansas City Staffing Company fills the gaps in your workforce to make sure your business seamlessly operates.


    Our recruiters are focused on locating the best talent in Kansas City, Missouri to fill the best suitable talent for accounting, sales administration, human resources, and marketing roles. We are well-connected to different networks and geared with advanced technology to fill any position that exists within your organization’s main office sprawling to your branch offices.

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