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    These days, having the top talents is challenging. With the unemployment rate getting lower; the hiring market is jam-packed with aspiring applicants out there.

    In a case like this, the top talents are passive job hunters. Meaning they don’t vigorously look for a job, because they are hired already. In short, posting your open job position on websites or ads is not enough to attract qualified candidates.

    You need to craft the job offer that will stand out among propositions. You need to promote it on different social media platforms and make a stunning career website. You need to think of new ways to entice candidates and convince them to apply to your company.

    Once applications are coming in, you will need again to spend extra hours to screen them all and find the best candidates. Imagine doing all of that? It’s time-consuming and will require lots of work! 

    Reliable Staffing Agency in Lee's Summit, Missouri

    If your company doesn’t have a dedicated human resource team, other employees in your organization will suffer because of additional recruiting jobs. However; even if you have an in-house human resources team, you might not still be able to get the ideal candidate you need. 

    And if you’re dealing with the same situation, you can turn to Kansas City Staffing Company for a professional staffing service.

    Why Kansas City Staffing Company?

    For over 20 years in the business, we still uphold our philosophy which is to help every business and job seekers in every corner of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Our team masters the art of recruiting and every placement process. And as one of the leading recruiting agencies in the city, we offer our clients our outstanding industry knowledge and resources.

    We know that every business is complex and unique as well as your staffing needs are immediate. Through our focus and dedication to work, we became the number one choice in our service area for delivering the best staffing needs.

    Our Services

    We are dedicated to helping careers and companies grow.

    Direct Hire

    We provide a world-class hiring solution that matches every job seeker with the right employer. Our team aims that in the long run, they will establish a full-time and long-term employment relationship that shares common goals.

    Temporary and Contract Staffing

    Kansas City Staffing Company selects top-notch employees whether for short-term and long-term jobs.


    Our pre-selected and top talents would start with a company as our employee. This would be for a trial period so that the employee and the client might establish a long-term employment relationship in the future.

    With Kansas City Staffing Company, You Can:

    In general, using our service will bring valuable benefits to your company including:

    • Cut your labor costs.
    •  Increase and improve production rate.
    •  Adjust to changes in workload- demand.
    •  Decrease your overtime expenses. 
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