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    If your organization has received large contract projects, on a tight deadline, or seasonal on-demand works; you’ll have two options. It either takes on the task of trying to fill the gaps of the extra positions or turns to staff agencies to do it for you.

    Most companies need the help of staffing agencies when they feel the need for professional assistance. Staffing agencies have the expertise in staffing and sourcing the ideal candidates that match their vacant positions.

    One of the advantages of using a staffing agency is that their staffing specialist will handle most of the major tasks in the recruitment process. From making a streamlined process including learning about your vacancies, identifying the best ideal talent, and so on. They will ultimately present the short-list to you, and further meet them to conduct interviews.

    By stating the goals and needs of your company, a reliable staffing agency will source qualified talent based on your given criteria. Some staffing agencies can staff temporary workers while others provide permanent employees based on the demand of the organization.

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    Kansas City Staffing Company is your one-stop recruiting and staffing solutions to our Overland Park, Missouri clients. Our expert recruiters streamline a versatile process to get the job done right, quickly, and efficiently. We aim to connect esteemed professionals to get their ideal positions across the competitive hiring marketplace.

    For our clients, we commit to deliver world-class staffing services that cater to both permanent and temporary staffing. Our team specializes in filling the gaps in your workforce by providing reliable staffing solutions to every business sector.

    Industries We Serve

    Our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service that aims to attend to your staffing needs. Whatever you are looking for, our team will provide it.

    • Engineering

    • Information Technology

    • Sales and Marketing

    • Accounting and Finance

    • Manufacturing

    • Legal

    • Advertising/ Creative/ Digital

    • Telecom

    • Industrial

    • Healthcare

    • Hospitality and Events

    • Office and Administration

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    Some of our clients considered us as generalists; but for our team, there’s nothing general about our broad track record, and our passion to excel. We consist of passionate and highly motivated people. You can always count on our extensive years of experience to support your aspirations and the organization’s growth.

    As a leading staffing agency in Overland Park, we take pride in expanding our services to our clients in other surrounding cities. We also deliver our specialized workforce solutions and integrated services to Kansas City, Missouri, Olathe, Missouri, and Lee’s Summit, Missouri clients.

    Aside from our expert recruiter, we are adept at maximizing advanced technology as part of our staffing approach. We help clients to get the best talent more economically and efficiently. For more than 20 years, Kansas City Staffing Company has already established a good reputation in the staffing industry.

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