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Kansas City Staffing Companyunbeatable staffing methodologies, as well as our high-optimized recruitment websites, enable our team of recruiters to come up with a deep understanding of your business objectives by delivering the best talent of engineers effectively.

Our patron customers always turn to us for their engineering and other technical staffing needs especially when they are facing a hard-to-find talent, have urgent engineering needs that require a particular technical skill or have lots of engineering projects that need to be completed within their timeline.

We Offer a Vast Engineering Candidate

With over 20 years in the staffing industry, our team strives to improve more to give you only the best service you deserve. We are the top choice in providing the highest quality in the engineering staffing field in Kansas City, Missouri, Overland Park, Missouri, Olathe, Missouri, and Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Our recruiters can draw from our supreme pool of engineering candidates and now have almost millions stored in our database. We also invest in cutting-edge web tools and technologies that receive thousands of visits from aspiring engineers and technical candidates every month.

​Engineering Direct Hire

When your business objectives require someone expert in working with technical professionals for designing, planning, drafting, engineering, or project management roles. You can trust our engineering staffing experts to search all over the internet and see the passive and top active candidates and expect us to deliver the best-qualified professionals within the next 48 hours.

Engineering Contract Hire

If you need engineer professionals who can handle and manage duties including planning, engineering design, drafting, as well managing big-scale projects. Kansas City Staffing Company has all the resources needed to screen millions of the top performer engineering candidates to deliver the best match talent within the next 48 hours.

A Full-Service Staffing Agency

As a full-service technical staffing agency, we know that business is fast-paced changing all the time. Whether you are looking for the best-qualified professionals to fill in all the engineering positions in your company. Our expert recruiters are here to delightfully help you along the way.

We’ve successfully served different industries in providing the best technical staffing solutions to industry-leading firms in Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Power and Rail, telecommunications, among others. We specialize in providing the hard-to-find engineering professional to passionately lead each project for the said respective fields.

Why Work With Kansas City Staffing Company?

It’s no secret that working closely with customers is the best way to understand their staffing needs. Then providing them with the best-qualified and reliable talented employee starts a long-term connection. Our team of professionals will effectively deal with all your staffing challenges head-on and we’ll work diligently to bring out the best talents for your company.

We aim to save companies money, frustration, as well as their time. Our team focuses on providing you with a flexible and vigorous workforce; giving you a more competitive edge and most importantly, elevating your bottom line.

Tailored Service

We understand that every organization encounters its challenges and different needs arise in their due time. Kansas City Staffing Company is delightful to help your company’s engineering staffing needs and operational requirements. Whether for a sudden increase in projects, tight deadlines, specialized safety training, 24-hour operation, large-volume staffing, and so many more; we got you covered!

We Build Long-Term Relationships

Kansas City Staffing Company takes pride in holding to our philosophy, and it has enabled us to establish strong and long-term relationships with all our clients we serve in Kansas City and expand our service to other neighboring areas. We are proud of being their go-to staffing company for more than 20+ years. We’ve built relationships with numerous industries that need our service. And we’ll continue this legacy that we’ve started, which is to provide the same level of service to all businesses that have nurtured these relationships.

We Bring Access to the Ideal Candidates

Our company is fully invested in human staffing – we believe in developing, finding, and empowering individuals to bring out the best in a positive approach. Our broad database houses our dynamic network of highly equipped, reliable, and qualified employees who are ready to set foot in your office and be part of your growing team. This is also beneficial to your overhead expenses, lesser risk in hiring, better productivity since you don’t need to handle interviews, and more.

Added Savings

There’s no doubt that a single hiring mistake will cost your business in many aspects like money, stress, and time. Kansas City Staffing Company will professionally handle all your staffing needs. Whether you are a large or small enterprise or in need of a part-timer or full-timer; our recruiters will make sure to maximize your efficiency; thus, it will lessen your overall staffing costs.

A Versatile Workforce

Our team understands your company’s demanding staffing needs and we are always ready and always in service to attend to your staffing needs; regardless if it’s seasonal, unexpected changes in your workforce, peak workload periods, or any other circumstances. Our team is always ready to make sure you stay up and running smoothly.

Specialized Staffing Services

Aside from providing a vast candidate, Kansas City Staffing Company can also handle and manage your payroll, oversee safety training programs needed for individuals’ development, as well as facilitate health care plans, and more. Our team can work with you closely to help you create incentive programs that are beneficial to your company’s growth such as ensuring safety compliance, helping to decrease turnover, and improving attendance, and more. We are always ready and available to help on whatever will make your business run better and improve your employees’ well-being.

Kansas City Staffing Company

We want you to be our next client to get satisfied by providing our world-class service in engineering staffing needs.