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Building an all-star sales force in Kansas City, Missouri requires a staffing sales talent who is someone that possesses a broad industry network and rapport. It requires individuals to acquire the right skill set, extensive years of experience, and a gritty attitude to have a competitive edge, penetrate major accounts in various industries, and achieve skyrocketing sales. That’s exactly the sales talent we deliver and this is how the Kansas City Staffing Company does it.

Our Process has Been Effectively Proven to get you the Exceptional Sales Talent

Our recruiting team at Kansas City Staffing Company deeply understands that the buying process is a fast-paced industry. New competitors are emerging across the City. 

Talent shortages are drastically increasing. Building a sales force that can generate profitable revenue growth is a more complex thing than ever before, but it doesn’t have to be if you turn to the right staffing company.

Having 20+ years in the staffing industry considered us as one of the pioneers in the business. We have been successfully and continuously helping thousands of companies to recruit the best sales talent needed in Kansas City Missouri, and other neighboring cities such as Overland Park, Missouri, Olathe, Missouri, and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Our team aims to help you achieve aggressive revenue targets through a competitive and world-class staffing service.

Using our rigorous and proven well-structured 4-step method; our team specializes in providing an outstanding B2B sales recruitment solution for wide-ranging industries. We cover the professional services, technology, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, and other sectors that need an urgent yet qualified pool of talents for different positions from the sales agent, account executives, sales managers, senior managers up to executives, or the entire sales team. 

Step 1: Understanding Your Corporate Objectives

Our process starts with determining your corporate goals and marketing strategies, sales model structure, diverse culture, and more to make sure that our recruitment methodology is aligned along with your corporate objectives.

Step 2: Profiling the Ideal Talents

Our recruiters will create a profile of the ideal talent using an in-depth definition of the experience, skills, and more that are essential requirements to become well-fit in the role.

Step 3: Thorough Headhunting

Our team of recruiters has a formulated search methodology that can find a hidden talent who has successfully hit a large-figured quota for their last three consecutive years and is considered as a pioneer in leading the entire sales team to break a high record quota.

Step 4: Assessment

Each candidate is meticulously tested to leverage unique qualities they possess or show an advanced strategy that can bring valuable outcomes to your team. These include behavior-based interviews or role-playing, track record verification, as well as psychometric benchmarking.

Benefits of Using Kansas City Staffing Company

  • Our sales recruiters in Kansas City Staffing Company have been with us for almost 10+ years with that extensive year; they can’t be unheard of when it comes to the meticulous demand of the Sales Staffing industry and we only prove that we know all the fundamentals to build sales forces.
  • We deeply understand that the sales force is the core of your company. Working with our season recruiting team make sure to match all your crucial staffing requirements, and rest assured that we will let amateurs handle it. We take pride in having our sales recruiters be PSR certified every year.
  • By providing you with the only outstanding performers, you will be able to save more of your time and cost of advertising in the long run.
  • By conducting a face-to-face with all candidates, our recruiters will only provide those individuals who successfully meet all the set requirements and relevant background for the position. Thus, this will save you the time of browsing piles of résumés on your email and attending wasteful interviews.
  • Kansas City Staffing Company handles various interviews with more than 100 candidates per week. This enables us to respond quickly to any job openings in Kansas City and neighboring areas.
  • We only provide the highest quality of service with a proven fast turnaround time; therefore, we guarantee you to present the best talent efficiently.
  • Kansas City Staffing Company offers you the use of our interview rooms. This will give you a quieter and less distracting environment so that you will have all the opportunities to get to more candidates with less interruption and privately.
  • Unlike the other traditional staffing agencies, we have our own unique and well-strategized candidate sourcing methods! This will become beneficial to determine candidates that were not found over the Internet postings as well as to those who disregarded your advertisements.
  • Having an extensive more than 20 years in the staffing industry, our company improves a lot and still strives in getting better to provide you the best solution. That is why; we work on contingency and retained searches.

Your Company's Success Is Our Top Priority

Kansas City Staffing Company is committed to continuously help companies to get the best-qualified sales professionals and build a high-performing sales force. For candidates, we also help them open doors to endless opportunities, to help them earn a lucrative income coming from big-name companies, and most importantly; flourish in their careers as they discover more in the corporate world.

We are your partners in achieving all your sales objectives, we at the Kansas City Staffing Company will work hand-in-hand with you to efficiently deliver a tailored solution that will meet your unique sales strategic goals. We are highly dedicated and focused to have open communication and become transparent all through the entire process. We guarantee to provide an excellent experience as well as 100% long-term satisfaction.

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